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How to Help Kids Learn From Their Mistakes

We all make mistakes – especially when we attempt to learn something new. And while we do our best to teach our kids, there will always be a time when they make a mistake. This is the time they need your encouragement the most. By giving support, confidence, and hope to your child, you are … Continue reading

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Independence and Confidence: Important Values for Children

When a child is confident, they are more audacious and willing to take on challenges. When they are independent, they learn things by themselves and show more promise in adulthood. We begin to develop these qualities in our childhood. Parents and educators work hand in hand in helping kids build a strong moral character. Educators … Continue reading

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Sending Your Child to Daycare Is a Gain, and Here’s Why

It has always been an ultimate battle when the time comes for parents to decide whether to send their children to daycare or not. Every child is gifted with a unique potential that needs nurturing for it to blossom into a beautiful flower. Surely, parents play a big role in molding their children. However, with … Continue reading

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Tips to Boost Learning for a Kinesthetic Preschooler

How would you know if a child is a kinesthetic learner? Generally, if they learn and take in information better by moving their body, then they are more suitable to follow a kinesthetic learning style at a preschool in New York. For a preschooler who’s a kinesthetic learner, here are some tips you can take … Continue reading

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Setting a Healthy Eating Manner for Preschoolers

When a child enters preschool, they will achieve significant learning milestones, whether social, emotional, physical, and intellectual developments. At this stage, nutrition should be looked into with more attention as it can impact the learning ability of children. It can even hinder them from achieving developmental milestones. Thus, it is essential to prepare foods with … Continue reading

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