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Ways to Encourage Your Child to Eat Veggies

One of the most common dilemmas that parents face during a child’s early education years is picky eaters. Some children don’t like to eat vegetables even if you tell them that it is undoubtedly good for their health. It can be an everyday struggle for a lot of parents out there.

Because we offer a family program, we want to help parents with this problem. Below are some of the best ways to encourage your child to eat their greens:

  • Let them participate in food preparation. Giving them a little sense of control can help empower them. Start by bringing them to go shopping and letting them choose what vegetables to buy. Then, allow them to help you prepare meals (simple tasks only).
  • Make veggies fun and try out different kid-friendly recipes. Add dips, make the vegetables into fun shapes, and make the food colorful to make a creative presentation. There are many recipes available online that are easy to do and kid-approved.- Be consistent in serving them meals with vegetables. Be responsible in offering them healthy foods but don’t attach punishment pressures or dessert deals. Do not force them instead, allow them to develop a love for vegetables.

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