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Independence and Confidence: Important Values for Children


When a child is confident, they are more audacious and willing to take on challenges. When they are independent, they learn things by themselves and show more promise in adulthood. We begin to develop these qualities in our childhood.

Parents and educators work hand in hand in helping kids build a strong moral character. Educators can teach them important values when they are in preschool in New York. While they are at home, parents reinforce this learning and foster a healthy home environment. Here are some of the ways children are taught to be self-reliant and confident.

  • Assigning tasks
    When children are given responsibilities at home and in school, they are right on their way to developing a sense of responsibility. When they accomplish their tasks, they also get a sense of fulfillment.
  • Allowing kids to interact with other kids
    Experts in childcare in Bronx, New York say that socialization helps kids in many ways. However, when they are allowed to play without being watched closely, they discover their intuition and learn to rely on them. When they are with other kids, they also find the confidence to make friends and establish connections.
  • Teach them autonomy through potty training
    Shame can damage a child’s confidence, and they often experience this during potty training. However, when it’s done right, this phase in their lives can teach them autonomy.

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