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How to Advocate for Our Preschool Child


Parents should be an advocate for our preschool kids, making sure that they are receiving the aid required to be successful. For kids experiencing learning difficulties, it would be better if we started searching for ways to help them prepare for school. It will ensure that learning will be a fun and productive experience for kids, like programs provided at any preschool in New York. Read on to learn some of the measures we should take to help our kids experiencing difficulty in learning.

  • Observe
    Observe your kid’s behavior. If we notice behavior that may suggest they are experiencing difficulties or delays in learning, we can record them.
  • Communicate
    Communicate with your kids to know more about the issues they’re experiencing via play to share specific examples with individuals who can help. Make sure that we often complement their successes and efforts.
  • Meet your kid’s pediatrician
    It is advisable to meet your kid’s pediatrician to present our observations. Be open and honest regarding your concerns. Don’t hesitate to ask questions such as “Why is my kid experiencing trouble learning?” Ask as well whether developmental screenings are available or a need for another medical opinion. There is nothing wrong with pursuing more evaluation if we are concerned about our kid’s progress.
  • Request for a referral
    We should ask for a referral to Child Find or the referring agency to make arrangements for the evaluation. This evaluation will give us the information needed to come up with important decisions that are vital in determining whether your kid is qualified for preschool services or early intervention. It will be helpful in your kid’s overall success concerning Head Start Pre-k education. All of the evaluation findings are strictly confidential.

At Sharon Baptist Head Start, we emphasize providing excellent education to your child through our outstanding curriculum, great facilities, and highly proficient teachers. Feel free to contact our childcare in Bronx, New York.

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