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Technology and Kids: Using Media in Your Favor

Technology and Kids: Using Media in Your Favor

As a provider of childcare in the Bronx, New York, we have taken part in the debate of media use in children. For children under six years old, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends under one hour of total screen time per day; however, this seems impractical, if not impossible, to avoid technology in today’s digital world.

According to Rasmussen College, the problem does not lie with technology itself but with its unintentional usage. Parents and teachers often use technology to preoccupy children.

The solution is in the conscious use of technology to enhance and encourage the child’s learning experience; this matches our practice of conscious discipline. We encourage intrinsic motivation in children instead of rewards-driven education.

Here are age-appropriate technological milestones to aim for with your children:

  • Toddlers

    Under adult supervision, technology can introduce toddlers to the idea of sharing and encourage their bodily movement with the following activities:

    • Video conference with friends and family
    • Following dances in dance choreography apps
  • Preschoolers

    Other than enrolling them in a Head Start Pre-k, you can encourage your preschooler’s imagination and creativity with the following activities:

    • Taking photos and videos
    • Making stories with clay figures or toys in stop motion animation apps
    • Encouraging them to create theatrical productions by filming their stage performances
  • Grade schoolers

    You can enhance your grade schooler’s skill development with these activities:

    • Playing with drag-and-drop apps for problem-solving skills
    • Reading interactive e-books or watching videos with captions for early literacy

The conscious use of technology can prepare your kids to be lifelong learners. Encourage learning early by enrolling them in a quality preschool. If you’re looking for a Preschool in New York, come and visit us at Sharon Baptist Head Start.

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