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Children’s Building and Developing Vocabulary

Children's Building and Developing Vocabulary

Babies, as early as 6 months old, can already mouth some easy words, especially in calling out their parents. Their brain development enables them to pick up easy and repeated sounds. With this, they can follow and understand how these sounds are used to indicate a certain meaning. It is amazing how children learn to speak in time by themselves. At Sharon Baptist Head Start, we nurture children in their prime age of learning by building a strong foundation of their vocabulary skills as exemplary childcare in Bronx, New York.

Toddlers start and tend to mimic words spoken by adults without even having been taught what these words mean. They look at how words are used and relate them to similar situations they can use it. That is why it is important as adults to be of a good example, especially in how we speak and the words we used. Our Preschool in New York also teaches children polite and positive language to show kindness and respect to everyone everywhere they go.

On the way, children learn more words with books, shows, movies, and other media they will be exposed to. With more subjects to learn at our Head Start Pre-k, children pick up more words in mathematics, science, arts, and others to add in their vocabulary. The developing structure of a child’s vocabulary is a never-ending process of them listening and learning from adults.

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