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Tips to Boost Learning for a Kinesthetic Preschooler


How would you know if a child is a kinesthetic learner? Generally, if they learn and take in information better by moving their body, then they are more suitable to follow a kinesthetic learning style at a preschool in New York. For a preschooler who’s a kinesthetic learner, here are some tips you can take advantage of to help boost learning:

  • Make Their Environment More Conducive Ask the teacher if it’s possible to seat your child where they can pace at their desk or swing their legs without causing a disturbance with the other students.
  • Incorporate Sense of Touch Give your child a head start pre-k by ensuring that they play to their strengths when learning. As such, consider incorporating the sense of touch when it comes to lessons you want the child to learn.
  • Let the Child Write or Draw Drawing and writing are definitely beneficial for a child who is a kinesthetic learner. They will be able to grasp concepts and ideas better when there are hand movements involved.

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