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Music Matters for Your Kid’s Early Education

Music Matters for Your Kid’s Early Education

Sharon Baptist Head Start serves as an early launchpad for your kids to achieve their dreams. With Head Start Pre-k, we start building the foundation as early as possible.

Education is a process with many sub-processes in different stages. At some point, you are looking for a learning center that provides age-appropriate programs for children, including infant, toddler, and preschool in New York.

Whatever the care needed, our programs are centered on your child’s learning. Various activities will give them different exposures. They discover the world in their eyes. Lessons are creatively administered to encourage effective learning. A good way to help further the child’s development is through musical programs.

  • Music is communication. It helps expand the child’s vocabulary and speech. The child recognizes tones and pitches and can associate and find patterns. They see the world through sounds. Music takes the child’s mind beyond their imagination.
  • Music is movement. Music is not just about listening or singing; there are physical activities accompanying music. Dancing, tapping, or playing instruments are common examples. The child would learn body coordination and fine motor control.
  • Music is about community. Good music contains stories and helps children learn more about the society that they live in. What songs speak of their family or their heritage?
  • Music matters in the development of your child.
    Open their ears and let them explore the world one sound at a time.

As a reputable provider of childcare in Bronx, New York, we make sure to promote your child’s overall growth and development. Our educators will not only integrate music into education. They will also combine arts and crafts and other playful activities to encourage fun, lifelong learning.

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