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What Kind of Learner Your Child Is?

Learning styles refer to the different ways we perceive, process, and store information. It’s vital that we know our child’s learning styles because it aids them in achieving cognitive development.

Hereunder are the four common learning styles:

  • Visual learning
    These children are “seers” and they learn through observation because they have a well-developed imagination. Often, they process the information they perceive from another individual’s body language and facial expressions. Learning is easier for them if the instructions are demonstrated. However, too much movement distracts them easily.
  • Auditory learning
    These children are “listeners” and they like participating in discussions. Verbal instructions help clarify their misconceptions which helps with language development. However, too much noise is their distraction.
  • Tactile learning
    These learners learn through touch and they prefer activities allowing them to utilize their hands to aid memory.
  • Kinesthetic
    These learners prefer movements as they learn. They always seek physical sensations through dancing, playing, and the like. They tend to move around from time to time which is why they enjoy it when there’s a family program at school.

To know your child’s learning style, you have to observe them. Often, through observation, you’ll know their strengths, notice their preferences, and understand their interests. This is where you start.

Even if you’re having a hard time pinpointing what kind of learner your child is, you don’t have to worry because Sharon Baptist Head Start, your head start pre-k in Bronx, New York is here to discover it with you. We will also match our activities with their learning styles to help them improve.

Support your child’s cognitive development by enrolling them in our child day care centers. Inquire now!

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