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Sending Your Child to Daycare Is a Gain, and Here’s Why


It has always been an ultimate battle when the time comes for parents to decide whether to send their children to daycare or not. Every child is gifted with a unique potential that needs nurturing for it to blossom into a beautiful flower. Surely, parents play a big role in molding their children. However, with time constraints, a child needs to be under the supervision of an experienced adult to guide them in their daily learnings.

The first few years of a child are the most important and crucial time for his or her learning and development. These are the years when children learn something new every day and encounter a lot of people and interact. The once a tabula rasa mind will now be slowly filled with colors.

A child’s mind is like a sponge. It absorbs everything a child sees, feels, and hears, among others. Early childhood education like head start pre-k can be an advantage. Here are its benefits:

  • Children will learn to socialize.
  • Children will be prepared for the ‘’bigger school’’ like kindergarten.
  • Children will easily learn new things.
  • Children will be more independent.
  • Children will be trained to become critical thinkers.

There are still a lot of perks a daycare can give to your family. Sharon Baptist Head Start can be your partner in your child’s development. We are an institution that offers childcare in Bronx, New York.

Dial our contact number if you wish to enroll your child in our center or browse through our website to learn more about us. We also have other branches of our preschool in New York. We have a lot to offer, all designed for your child’s development.

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