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Positive Treatment for Special Needs Children

Sharon Baptist Head Start is a pre-k school that promotes inclusivity in the educational setting. We want to welcome every child who wishes to enroll in our school by creating an environment that they will love. We provide special child care services to aid special needs, children.

However, we have come to realize that it’s not enough that we prioritize early education and that we have programs for special needs children. At the end of the day, how people around them treat them will always leave a mark on their hearts and minds. Hence, be sure to treat them positively by practicing the following:

  • Assume they are the best.
    Whenever they’re struggling, assume that they’re giving their best. Praise them for giving their all.
  • Be patient when they’re struggling.
    Give them extra time to follow directions and make transitions. Always be helpful and avoid judgments. Talk to them in an age-appropriate manner as well.
  • Ask before you help.
    Let’s not assume that people with physical disabilities are intellectually disabled. Always ask before providing help because most of them just want to be independent.
  • Don’t fear children with special needs.
    Don’t assume that people with disabilities are all aggressive and harmful. Most of the special needs children at our day care centers in New York are very friendly and well-rounded individuals.

We prioritize both education and childcare in Bronx, New York which is why we’re doing our best to provide a safe and welcoming environment for every child regardless of their disabilities and ethnicity. Enroll your child in a pre-k school that caters to diversity.

We accept inquiries. Visit our providers of education for early childhood in New York to get started!

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