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How Can Parents Manage Their Child’s Screen Time?

Today, devices like phones, tablets, and television are common parts of everyday activities. While screens are a large part of today’s culture, there are health benefits related to reducing screen time. For children, doing so nurtures healthy sleep habits, improves memory and focus, and reduces the risk of obesity. Likewise, here’s how parents can better manage their children’s screen usage:

  • Set realistic goals
    If your children spend a large percentage of their leisure time on screens, start by setting smaller, more attainable goals. Instead of jumping right to one or two hours less per day, start by cutting their current screen time in half. Plan activities to substitute the screen time as part of your family program, such as going to the park or reading a book together.
  • Create screen-free zones
    Establish screen-free zones and activities as part of your daily routine. For instance, put devices away during meals and family activities. Areas like the bedroom and dining room can also be screen-free zones to keep children engaged. Keeping devices away during meals allows you to catch up and ask your child what they learned at head start pre-k in New York.
  • Model the appropriate behavior
    When it comes to childcare in New York, children observe and absorb more from their parents than you think. Model the appropriate behavior to encourage your child to spend less time watching television or playing games on their tablet. This may entail turning off the television during activities and spending less time on your phone.

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