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The Advantages of Learning Through Play


Learning through play is perhaps the best way to instill knowledge and skills during the early years of life. Sharon Baptist Head Start, a provider of Head Start Pre-k in Bronx, New York, is a firm supporter of learning through play and uses it as the foundation for all our programs.

What are the biggest benefits of learning through play?

  1. Improved communication.
    Play is a great way for your little ones to develop their speech and communications skills. There’s solitary play, which typically involves children narrating to themselves what’s happening or what they’re currently doing, or group play where they talk and listen to their playmates. The wider your child’s vocabulary grows, the more words they’re able to incorporate during playtime.
  2. Improved physical development.
    Through the constant repetitive movements typically involved in play, your child is able to develop their motor skills. Play is like exercise for your children. It helps them become physically stronger and improves their endurance and flexibility as well.
  3. Improved cognitive development.
    Studies have proven time and time again how children who normally engage in “pretend play” often interact with others on a more sophisticated level. Findings have also uncovered that children deprived of play have a harder time socializing, learning math, or excelling in other academic areas.
  4. Improved relationships with others.
    Play helps promote your child’s social skills. A child is able to get a better grasp of their relationships with parents and other children through play. Playing also takes away that element of shyness in your child, making them more open to making friends and building relationships with them.

Parents can all agree that there is nothing more important than our child’s education. Education during their early years, especially, is what sets the stage for the rest of their life. Sharon Baptist Head Start, known for our two generation program, understands how important it is to incorporate play in every phase of your child’s early learning journey. We’d be delighted for your family to partner with us as you help your children find their path in life.

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