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How to Help Kids Learn From Their Mistakes


We all make mistakes – especially when we attempt to learn something new. And while we do our best to teach our kids, there will always be a time when they make a mistake.

This is the time they need your encouragement the most. By giving support, confidence, and hope to your child, you are transferring the focus and energy from the mistake into a learning opportunity. The child sees the incident as something that should not have happened into a learning memory – of what they can do to be better. They learn how to prevent the mistake from happening and what they can do if such a mistake happens again.

When they make a mistake, be curious and ask them about what happened. Listen to what they have to say and understand from the child’s perspective. Help them conceptualize how to make amends or correct the mistake. Let them verbalize what they have learned and what they can do moving forward.

Let your kids make mistakes while they are young. In our Preschool in New York, we provide safe learning conditions for them to explore on their own and learn new concepts.

Your child deserves to have an excellent Head Start Pre-k.

Sharon Baptist Head Start provides the launching pad of your child’s learning and development. Get this kind of childcare in Bronx, New York today.

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