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How To Have A Great First Day of School

Not all but for most parents, the first day of school is always a total mess due to children’s separation anxiety. Random food starts to deteriorate in the refrigerator, all the socks mysteriously lose their pairs, and the shoes unexpectedly need polishing. Yes, parents and their children will always find the first day of school to be difficult and exhausting.

In our preschool in Bronx, New York, we noticed that for some little children, being introduced to unfamiliar and frightening settings is difficult. Therefore, Sharon Baptist Head Start is here to assist in easing your child’s transition during the first day of school.

As a provider also of social service, here are some tips that we can highly recommend for an easier transition during the first day of school:

  • Communicate

    Inquire about your child’s feelings, any worries they may have, and any inquiries they may have about the school and early childhood in New York. Let them know it’s normal to feel anxious when faced with a new situation.

  • Get their imagination going

    Help your child imagine what it will be like to attend school by encouraging them to utilize their imagination. This can be accomplished by sitting in class, participating in enjoyable school activities with classmates, or helping kids sketch portraits of themselves wearing their uniforms.

  • Pay an early visit

    Children who need special child care services may become overwhelmed in new surroundings. Therefore, we suggest that you give your child a brief tour of their new school. Rest assured that the staff will be present and can aid you throughout the first few pupil-free days.

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