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Help! My Toddler Bites! What Should I Do?

Help! My Toddler Bites! What Should I Do?

Even if your toddler doesn’t have a biting behavior, you know some parents who do have toddlers who bite. So let this post help both of you. As a provider of childcare in Bronx, New York, we know this behavior to be common at this age. So we encourage parents to be patient and more considerate of their toddlers.

But why do toddlers bite? That is a very interesting and important question. Getting to the root cause of that issue will help you address this behavior with compassion. So, to answer that, toddlers have many reasons why they bite. The prominent ones are the following:

  • Expressing their frustration
  • Lacking the right words to say their feelings
  • Just curious of your reaction
  • Feeling overwhelmed with the noise, light, or activity
  • Asking for extra active playtime

Now that we have addressed the reasons, what can we do to deal with a toddler’s biting episodes? Here are our recommendations which we have also applied to our Preschool in New York.

  • Create a Good DistractionThankfully, toddlers can also be distracted that easy. If their urge to bite begins, point to something outside the window or take them out. You can also take them somewhere at home where they can get their attention diverted to. This way, children can forget about the urge to bite.
  • Provide Visual Proof of SharingSome children bite because they don’t want to share their toys. This is also normal for them. Yet, this can be corrected with gentle coaching. Try recommending to these toddlers that they can share a toy for a particular amount of time. You can even refer to a clock as proof that their time with the toy is limited. This option may be longer to do, but what’s important is that you have initiated something good.
  • Learn about the BehaviorThere are always many things we can learn the further we go in the parenthood journey. As childcare providers, that is also one thing we are certain about. So with regards to your child’s biting episodes, don’t hesitate to learn more about the behavior. There are plenty of resources today that you can browse online. With more knowledge, you also gain more insights on how to address this situation.
  • Control Your FeelingsWe understand how it can also be frustrating on our end to see toddlers bite. Yet, we have to hold these emotions. When our emotions are controlled, we can correct the biting behavior in a gentle but firm manner. We correct without posing a threatening demeanor

In conclusion, let us take comfort in knowing that this is just a phase. So your understanding and gentleness are very crucial in correcting this behavior. If you also intend to enroll your toddler in our Head Start Pre-k classes at Sharon Baptist Head Start, trust that they are also in a caring and compassionate environment. For that, if you have questions about our learning programs, don’t hesitate to inquire today.

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