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Teaching Children About the Importance of Hydration

Your child’s body does not effectively cool down, making him more susceptible to dehydration than you are. Therefore, you must develop excellent rehydration habits for your child beginning at a young age. You can keep your youngster hydrated in several ways. Our day care centers in New York also ensure the following:

  • Not waiting for your kids to get thirsty again

    Even if your child doesn’t want to finish the entire cup of water, we will still encourage him to sip a little longer before sending him off to his responsibilities.

  • Making drinking exciting for children

    The majority of us find drinking water to be very monotonous, and even though adding juice will improve its flavor, we try to avoid doing so. However, we may make a glass of water less boring by using amusing straws, drinking mugs, or ice cube shapes just like what we are doing in our preschool in Bronx, New York.

  • Having a fruitastic hydration

    As a provider of early quality education, we believe that it’s not necessary to drink a lot of water to keep your child hydrated. Several fruits and vegetables also contain a lot of water that can make them healthy. Give your child fruit salads with strawberries and melons, or give him cucumber and celery snacks.

  • Keeping kids hydrated at school

    Children who are properly hydrated in school perform better in any educational program in New York. Send him a daily water bottle that has just been filled.

At Sharon Baptist Head Start, a reputable childcare facility, we can ensure that your child is properly hydrated so that he remains active and participate in his activities.

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