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A Closer Look at Common Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities pertain to disorders that affect a child’s ability to understand or use written or spoken language, coordinate movements, and direct attention. While they occur in young children, they are usually not recognized until the child reaches school age. While they’re familiar, these disabilities can be isolating and require a health program and early intervention to manage. In this blog, we take a closer look at the common learning disabilities and their symptoms:

  • ADHD
    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a type of neurodevelopmental disorder that affects a child’s ability to control impulsivity, concentrate, and regulate their level of hyperactivity. ADHD can also cause mood swings or emotional outbursts. Treatments during early childhood in New York may entail behavior therapy.
  • Dyslexia
    Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects reading and language processing skills. A child with dyslexia may struggle with reading comprehension and have delayed speech. They may also need help with phonological awareness, as well as learning new words and rhymes. Children’s day care centers in Bronx, New York, may start to notice this in class.
  • Dysgraphia
    Dysgraphia is another learning disability that affects kids’ ability to write. This causes difficulty with spelling, putting thoughts on paper, and handwriting. While the exact cause is unknown, several factors contribute to dysphagia, like genetics and developmental delays. Its symptoms include messy handwriting, problems organizing ideas in writing, and struggle to create clear sentence structures.

We at Sharon Baptist Head Start are dedicated to providing children with exceptional learning experiences from an early age to shape a bright future for them. Additionally, we offer special services and a social service in New York. Contact us to learn more.

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