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Ways to Encourage Young Ones to Avoid Fights

Squabbles and fights are common during the child development process or early childhood in New York. We develop our ability to resolve conflicts, as well as our empathy and forgiveness, here. Therefore, if your child got into a fight with a classmate, try not to become too upset.

Nevertheless, often starting confrontations might result in harm and other unfavorable outcomes. Sharon Baptist Head Start is here to provide you with some advice to help your child avoid fighting at their preschool in Bronx, New York.

Children learn conflict-resolution techniques more effectively when their parents or other adult caregivers set a positive example for them. As adults, it is our responsibility to set an example for our kids in terms of how to work together and get along with others. You may also include this in your family program at home.

  • Use positive reinforcement

    Praise and rewards are two excellent strategies to positively reinforce good conduct. The most important thing to remember in this situation is to ignore any fights and promote good behavior. Little ones quickly pick up on the idea that being kind will gain them more attention than being bad.

  • Teach them problem-solving

    One of the causes of child fights at our day care centers in New York is a lack of problem-solving skills. We do not naturally possess the ability to resolve conflicts. As your child matures, there are values and attitudes that need to be fostered and taught.

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