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Exploring the Impact of Play Dates on Development

From hopscotch to hide-and-seek, play is vital to children’s development as it helps kids cope with stress, regulate emotions, and build valuable skills. Children play to imagine, explore, learn social rules, and develop their identities. Hence, play dates play an essential role in helping kids establish friendships and develop their skills. As one of the leading day care centers in Bronx, New York, we explore the impact of play dates on children’s development:

  • Develop social skills
    Play dates help children learn how to be comfortable around other children and how to interact with others. Through play dates, children learn valuable skills, such as how to cooperate and share toys, as well as practice taking turns. This teaches kids how to build relationships, which will help them during early childhood in New York.
  • Build language skills
    During play dates, kids begin to practice communicating verbally with others. They build their communication and language skills by talking, sharing, and listening to their playmates. This teaches them how to communicate effectively and respond positively in social interactions. This is a valuable skill they will continue to hone in early education.
  • Promote cognitive skills
    During playtime, children practice using higher-level thinking skills. This encourages them to use reasoning to solve problems. For instance, playing games like hide-and-seek teaches kids how to think creatively and solve problems independentlyinstead of relying on adults for the answers. This promotes cognitive development and fosters problem-solving skills.

We at Sharon Baptist Head Start offer high-quality early childcare based on the creative curriculum model. Additionally, we also provide an accessible social service in New York. To learn more about our programs, feel free to reach out to us.

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