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Maintaining the Health of Your Preschooler

Maintaining the Health of Your Preschooler

The preschool age begins at approximately three years. This is also the time when our children’s sense of independence blooms to the extent of testing their parents’ will. While it can be at times challenging, there are also fulfilling moments of hearing our children finally deliver their first complete sentence or of fully identifying the letters of the alphabet.

For parents, nothing is more rewarding than to see our children developing every day, whether this has to do with their body, intellect, or skills. Your child’s growth and development is also greatly affected by their physical health. The healthy child is able to interact more with the events and people around them.

So how are you ensuring your child’s health? As a key provider of childcare in Bronx, New York, let us share with you the following important tips:

  • Ensure that they’re eating healthy mealsWell-balanced meals include all the basic food groups in every serving in the amount that is fit for their age. When your child is a little picky about eating fruits and vegetables, you can infuse your sense of creativity in feeding. You can create candy snacks made of fruits and honey. You can serve vegetables in a shake with milk. There are many healthy options worth discovering but the main idea is that the food they eat should be nutritious for their age.
  • Get them to sleep on timeA person who has slept adequately allows sufficient time for their brain and body to grow and develop even more. Preschoolers will need this ample amount of time for development so they can better absorb the learning they will gain from their Preschool in New York.
  • Reduce the time they spend watching television or mobile phonesMobile phones have been a great source of entertainment for children especially with the advent of the Internet. However, too much screen time gets them stuck in a sedentary lifestyle, which can lead to obesity. Establish an agreement to watch TV or mobile phones for a particular amount of time only.
  • Select age-appropriate toys for your preschoolerWhen they’re playing, ensure that the toys they use are soft and light. This way, accidents or injuries can be prevented from happening. Along with this, when you encourage your child to play, ensure that they get to decide on what game to play. This helps them feel the element of fun knowing that they can get to do something they chose.

As providers of early childhood education, we recognize that the child’s healthy body contributes greatly to the advancement of their lifelong learning. As we implement Head Start Pre-k programs at Sharon Baptist Head Start, we also encourage you to ensure that your child’s physical health is kept in check.

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