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Family Needs Assessment: Understanding the Family


What is a Family Needs Assessment (FNA)? FNA is a tool that evaluates or assess the needs of each family member, as well the strengths and capacities of parents to provide for them child emotionally and financially. This provides family members an opportunity to sit down and talk, allowing them to explore each other’s unmet needs and hidden emotions. It allows family participation wherein they can voice out their choices and reflections without being judged. This is completely voluntary and may refuse to participate.

Further, the daily living, resources and environment in which the family lives in are some of the important factor being taken into consideration. And after the assessment, the information provided will serve as a guide to determine the appropriate goals and interventions that can be given to each family member.

Sharon Baptist Head Start offers Head Start Pre-K where our creative curriculum is imbibed with three essential ingredients for school success, namely:

  • A willingness to learn through interaction and belongingness,
  • Impulse control where self-regulation skills are taught, and
  • Attention where we create an atmosphere of caring, encouragement, and meaningful contributions

We are a provider of childcare in Bronx, New York where we build connections between families, teachers, and students to ensure the optimal development of all. We utilize the FNA tool to take into consideration the child and parent’s needs and goal.

Our preschool in New York has a lot more to offer. To know more about our services, you may visit our website at, or reach out to us anytime at 718-466-1604.

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