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Vital Values for Children To Learn

It’s good to be smart and intelligent, but it’s also crucial to have the appropriate ideals and attitudes about various topics and elements of life.

Values are guiding principles in life that serve to direct one’s behavior. For a child to sustain themselves in the future, ethical principles or good moral ideals should be instilled in them. A child’s values guide them in deciding how, when, and what to do in various situations that arise in daily life. Children that have strong morals are better able to relate to and manage a variety of personalities.

We at Sharon Baptist Head Start, a trusted provider of head start pre-k in Bronx, New York, place great importance on teaching kids the principles that will benefit them in the future. These values encompass the following, without being limited to:

  • Being Honest โ€“ Many factors in today’s world can lead a child to lie. Part of our educational program in New York is to never lose control when a child does anything wrong; instead, always encourage kids to confess the truth.
  • Always Grateful โ€“ The things that have been given to us or shared with us are what we are most grateful for. Our early education believes that the value of generosity demonstrates sharing or giving.
  • Staying Humble – Respect for others’ accomplishments is equally as admirable as respect for one’s own, according to the principle of humility.
  • Being Patient โ€“ The need for patience teaches a child to wait since some things require time.

These are only a few of the many important values for holistic development that should be taught to children in early childhood in New York. Children learn these principles while participating in the activities and lessons planned for them.

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