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Good Tips on Selecting a Preschool


Our children deserve nothing but the best, especially when it comes to education. Selecting a preschool for our kids can be a hard decision because what works well for one kid may not do well for another. This is especially true for those preschoolers who have special learning or behavior requirements. Read on to know some tips on selecting the best preschool in New York for our children.

  • Identify who teaches your kids
    Quality preschools or Head Start Pre-k programs emphasize hiring teachers with good credentials. Well-trained teachers have finished classes in early childhood education that involve an in-depth comprehension of how to nurture fundamental reading readiness skills. Aside from formal training, good preschool teachers are passionate about teaching young kids. They build close relationships with their students and families and handle the students and the classroom with care.
  • Determine how the kids spend their free time
    You know it’s a good classroom when it’s a busy place. Students can interact with various types of materials including construction materials like building blocks, art materials like paints, picture books, puzzles, matching games, etc. The everyday routine should consist of whole-group time in which kids can select the things they want to work on and are given the option to work by themselves or in small groups.
  • Check how the classroom looks
    An ideal classroom should be able to engage the students, stimulate their imaginations and encourage them to become curious about learning. Their outputs should be displayed on the walls. The classroom decorations should indicate the lessons that will be taught. For instance, during spring, we may notice flowers, a bird’s nest, butterfly nets, etc. Real-life objects in the classroom help teachers teach vocabulary and concepts.

At Sharon Baptist Head Start, we see to it that your children will get the best possible education through our excellent curriculum and highly competent teachers. Feel free to contact our childcare in Bronx, New York.

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