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Helpful Tips to Get Your Child to Sleep Early

It is not enough to ensure your child has a quality education. You, parents, must ensure that their overall health is prioritized as well. And we cannot stress enough the importance of children getting enough sleep every night.

But it won’t be easy because some children just don’t want to sleep even if you tell them to. Being one of the leading day care centers in New York, let us share our expert recommendations on how you can get your child to sleep early.

Create a routine and stick to it. You should make sure that you prepare them for bed at the same time every night to make it easier for them to follow their schedule. Make a bedtime routine that signals that it is almost time to sleep such as brushing their teeth first and then reading them a bedtime story.

Make sure there are fewer distractions in the bedroom and that your child feels safe and comfortable. Avoid putting a television in their bedroom and keep their iPad or other gadgets away. Their room should be dark but not too dark, just enough that they won’t feel afraid. You may stay with them until they fall asleep.

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