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Parenting Tips: Effectively Dealing with Development Milestones


All children go through a developmental stage. These psychosocial phases, as Erik Erikson refers them, are critical. Each stage’s success or failure impacts a person’s sense of self and relationships. Every milestone achievement results in the acquisition of characteristics such as hope, agency, and confidence.

It is not sufficient to just nourish a child. It is also vital to raise them in a suitable atmosphere and to rear their emotions. Enrolling children in a preschool in New York might assist them in ensuring success in these psychosocial phases. These institutions also assist to build confidence and responsibility in young children.

Sharon Baptist Head Start is a reliable provider of childcare in Bronx, New York. We are here to share tips for parents on nurturing children and accomplishing the different milestones.

  • Encourage children instead of shaming
    Parents need to be careful with how they communicate or respond to a child’s behavior. Intentional or not, shaming kids can have negative effects on their confidence. So choose encouraging words even when they are making mistakes.
  • Learn how to positively handle tantrums
    Children act out because they do not always understand what is happening. So instead of ignoring their tantrums or letting them control you, parents need to make it an opportunity to teach kids to communicate.
  • Stay attentive to their needs
    The best thing we can do to support our kids is to give them our time. Sit down and chat with your child. Pay attention to their progress and needs.

We believe that every child deserves premium education and a loving home. The combination of the two can result help them thrive.

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