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Parent Hack: How to Build Your Preschooler’s Confidence

Parent Hack: How to Build Your Preschooler’s Confidence

As young as they are, children already seek your affirmation and praise. Your confidence in them builds their confidence in themselves. For this reason, praises and verbal appreciations contribute greatly to the emotional and social development of children, especially during their formative years which is during the preschool years.

Along with this, however, your role as a parent is very crucial in making this confidence last long. Let’s keep in mind that a confident child is also more willing and open to exploring new experiences which can harness learning even more. For that, as a provider of childcare in Bronx, New York, we would like to share some helpful hacks so you can build children’s confidence even more, especially as they explore their preschool years.

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  • Praise Their StrengthsNothing is even more motivating than to know that our exceptional abilities are being affirmed. Children can feel this same motivation when you appreciate the very things that they are good at. It makes them feel happy that they are doing something right. It also makes them want to explore this capacity even more.
  • Assist Without HinderingAs parents, it is our role to provide assistance to our children in every way we can. However, there are aspects of our help that should also provide a way for them to solve a situation on their own. When they are old enough to be in a Preschool in New York, they can already start learning about resolving simple situations. If they are doing their take-home assignment, for instance, let them ask you questions but let them do the assignment themselves. This way, you are not hindering the opportunity for them to learn on their own, letting them gain confidence as a result.
  • Assign Small TasksAt home, there are many activities that you can use to nurture children’s confidence. What’s important is that you’re giving them as much sense of responsibility as possible for their young age. For instance, you can assign your preschooler-age children to set the table every dinner time. The more often they finish this task, the more confident they feel about their personal ability to accomplish an assignment.
  • Let Them Keep on TryingFailure is a normal part of our lives and even our preschoolers are not exempt from this. For this reason, it is important that as young as they are, they will learn how to try again after they have failed. For instance, if they have tried to shoot a basketball on the hoop and failed, give them the basketball again. The more they try, the more they get the hang of it and gain confidence as a consequence.

Along with these, you can also immerse children in our Head Start Pre-K programs to even more harness their sense of confidence. At Sharon Baptist Head Start, we provide great learning opportunities for children so they can build a solid foundation for their learning years.

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