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How Can Homework Be Helpful to Children?

The significance of assigning homework to children has been the subject of a century-long dispute that has always been at the center of the majority of studies on children and relating if it helps in maintaining quality education.

According to several studies, homework is ineffective because it is typically completed by parents. Given that children should be playing or engaging in other enjoyable activities, homework merely serves to increase the stress children already experience.

On the other hand, some researchers contend that homework is advantageous. The additional task helps the youngster manage their time well, which increases their level of responsibility. Some assignments target the language development of the children. Additionally, it strengthens their understanding of the subject matter covered in class and might help them perform better academically.

However, if you ask us at Sharon Baptist Head Start, the leading provider of childcare in Bronx, New York, homework is essential to students’ learning—just so long as it is limited. This means that we should assign homework that is simple for the student to understand and that they can complete quickly by themselves.

Homework is generally helpful, just as long as these factors are considered:

  • Homework should not exceed the 10-minute rule
  • The goal of your homework is discussed
  • Homework helps improve study habits

We believe that homework should not consume too much time for the students so that they can still do social service and family time.

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