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How Communication Builds Relationship with Your Child


You and your child’s relationship will be strengthened if you and your youngster have open lines of communication. They are better able to interact with other kids when they are allowed to express themselves and listen to others.

As your go-to neighborhood childcare in the Bronx, New York, we passionately think encouraging communication is crucial, especially in young children. As a result, Sharon Baptist Head Start prioritizes establishing the value of interpersonal and intrapersonal communication in each of our pupils.

We promote better communication by assisting our children in improving their listening and speaking abilities in our preschool in New York. Our enrichment initiatives assist in teaching kids to listen. Our kids learn more about their classmates. Doing so can also pay more attention to what others are saying, which is another practical strategy.

We often encourage our kids by allowing them to express their ideas regardless of how they like to communicate. We support their abilities and individuality, whether by writing, painting, singing, or dancing. Like our head start Pre-K, We maintain a supportive environment where they prosper.

Here are more essential factors of good communication for your child:

  • Building meaningful connections with others helps children develop their social intelligence quotient.
  • Communication aids with word choice and pronunciation improvement.
  • Aids in facilitating the meaningful exchange of knowledge with others.

Our teachers are skilled professionals who care about the welfare of their charges by providing engaging, pleasurable instruction. Our childcare in Bronx, New York, will work to help your child develop their talents.

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