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Helping Kids Grow Holistically

Helping Kids Grow Holistically

Being well-rounded is one of the traits usually found in highly successful people. The good news is that this trait can be developed. As you look for a childcare in Bronx, New York where you can enroll your kids, know if the school provides opportunities for kids to develop the following as these could contribute a lot on their holistic growth:

  • Intrapersonal SkillsThis refers to the child’s ability to manage one’s emotions, as well as show confidence, open-mindedness, self-motivation, and discipline. These are life skills the kids need to be able to maintain their posture and composure, especially in difficult times in their adult life. A reputable preschool in New York usually develops these skills through individual activities that will cultivate the kids’ creativity and independence.
  • Technical SkillsProblem-solving, doing research, reasoning, and time management are part of the wide range of technical skills kids need to learn. These are the basic skills that will allow them to handle problems effectively. Tech skills (e.g., PC skills, online communication, and collaboration) are also useful for kids. When looking for a preschool for them, give them a head start pre-k curriculum with technical skills training.
  • Interpersonal SkillsLastly, enroll your kids at an early childhood facility that offers programs to develop their skills in getting along with others. Through team activities and games, kids will learn how to lead, sympathize, and collaborate. With these skills, kids will know how best to develop and nurture relationships.

Are you in New York looking for a preschool for your kids? You might like to consider the programs at Sharon Baptist Head Start. The school offers a wide range of programs that promote the kids’ holistic growth.

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