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Tips: How to Nurture Your Toddler’s Thinking Skills

Tips: How to Nurture Your Toddler’s Thinking Skills

The older children grow, the more they explore. They will be meeting different sets of milestones expected of their age. Thankfully, parents can support these growing up years so that children can have wider and deeper learning experiences.

Aside from exposing children to a nurturing environment of a Preschool in New York, you can also do your part in harnessing their learning abilities. One of the key developments is their thinking skills. For that, we would like to impart the following nurturing tips which you can very well do at home or anywhere you’ll be with your toddlers.

  • Encourage Their ExplorationThere is always an innate explorer in each of us. This curiosity begins as soon as children learn to master their motor skills. They can be even more encouraged to explore when they’re in the company of other children their age. Allow them to explore. Place them in the company of other children, such as being in a center for childcare in Bronx, New York. When children explore more, they also get to discover and think more.
  • Teach Using Everyday RoutinesThe daily routines that you and children do can be another great opportunity to nurture their thinking skills. You can incorporate teaching lessons such as colors, alphabets, and numbers while you’re bathing them. If they are familiar with some nursery rhymes, you can sing this together in the shower. This way, toddlers can exercise their memory skills.
  • Focus on InterestsToddlers can also learn better when they are doing something that is of particular interest to them. For instance, if they enjoy playing with their stuffed toys, you can teach them how to identify colors through each toy’s appearance. When you are also engaged with the things that have greatly interested them, they can remember things better.
  • Ask QuestionsAs toddlers approach three years, their language and thinking skills sharpen. They are able to formulate their ideas more sensibly and deliver their sentences more clearly. Around this phase, you can start asking them questions that make them think. For instance, when they see a picture of a laughing baby and they laugh along, you can ask them why they laughed. These are simple strategies to get children to formulate reasons, hence, nurturing their thinking abilities.

There are still myriads of ways to nurture children’s thinking abilities. When you enroll them in our Head Start Pre-K, you can also immerse them in an environment where learning is provided in the context of fun and play. In this setting, your child’s thinking skills can be even more harnessed.

If you’re looking for trusted partners in providing quality child care to your precious toddler, you can depend on us at Sharon Baptist Head Start. Our well-trained educators are also child-friendly so we can cater to your toddler’s best interests. Feel free to inquire from us if you have questions about our programs and activities.

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