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What Impact Do Routines Have on Kids’ Development?

When infants and toddlers partake in familiar routines, they develop a sense of belonging and self-confidence. Regular activities and a consistent schedule provide comfort and give children a predictable day to help them feel in control of their environment and know how to do an activity or task. As experts in early childhood in New York, we discuss how routines positively impact children’s development:

  • Routines make changes easier.
    When kids practice daily routines, small and big transitions are easier adjustments. When they have a routine at home and at their preschool in Bronx, New York, they can anticipate what will happen next. This provides a sense of confidence, control, and security that makes it easier for them to adjust to new changes.
  • Routines promote independence.
    A quality education for young children includes schedules and routines to add structure to your child’s day. This teaches your child how to be independent and responsible while boosting their confidence. From cleaning up after play or brushing their teeth in the morning, these seemingly simple routines give kids a sense of purpose and accomplishment.
  • Routines promote healthy habits.
    When children are used to performing tasks like going to bed at a particular hour or eating vegetables, they learn the importance of taking care of themselves. This promotes healthy habits and makes it easier for them to remember to perform these tasks as they grow up.

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