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Investing in Your Child’s Cognitive Development

Supporting your child’s cognitive development has positive outcomes for them. They learn easily and retain this information well. Studies show that problems with cognition are directly proportional to social and academic concerns.

Why do we need to invest in our child’s cognitive development? There are numerous reasons why. Hereunder are some of them:

  • Develop divided attention and long-term memory allowing them to process more than one piece of information and retain information for longer periods.
    Develop their reasoning skills that strengthen their problem-solving skills, making them less susceptible to mistakes.
  • Develop auditory and visual processing skills allowing them to accurately process the information they hear and interpret what they see, respectively.
  • Develop working memory not only to retain information but also to manipulate them meaningfully.
  • Develop language and speech making them more confident, accurate, and understanding when expressing themselves. Language development crystallizes as early as 4 years old because they have absorbent minds.

You can help your child’s cognitive development through simple and age-appropriate activities like reading, playing musical instruments, listening to academically-oriented songs, and playing board games. At Sharon Baptist Head Start, we incorporate these activities whenever there’s a family program because we believe that there are enjoyable and socially-driven ways for our preschoolers to learn.

If you want this kind of environment for your child, it’s time you consider enrolling your child in child day care centers like ours that are welcoming, child-centered, and conducive to learning.

We are open to inquiries. Visit our head start pre-k in Bronx, New York to get started!

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