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Sharon Baptist Head Start Pre-K in Bronx NY has a current plan for children with special needs which includes a holistic approach to early identification, referral, and follow-up process to assist children to reach their full potential. Information about the child is obtained from several sources prior to a referral being made for additional evaluation and possible diagnosis/support.

Parents provide valuable information regarding their child’s growth and development. The intake process at our Child Day Care Center includes an interview where the parents share the timelines of developmental milestones, strengths/interests of the child, and observable behaviors or concerns. This process of gathering information from the parents continues during the year. During family team meetings, home visits, and parent/teacher conferences, parents are invited to share their view of their child.

The agency conducts early screenings to identify children with suspected special needs and refer children and families to early intervention programs as sources for evaluation and possible intervention. Contact 718-466-1604 for more information on our special services.

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