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What Art Can Do for Children


Art is a well-loved hobby or passion by both the young and old. However, when we start to participate in this activity at a young age, there are several benefits to it than we expect. For children, it is said that the value of art lies in promoting creativity and the ability to process the world. Moreover, they can learn art even as early as being in a head start pre-k program.

Our childcare in Bronx, New York lists down some of the key benefits of art for young ones below:

  • Art can promote gross and fine motor skills.
    It can also improve hand-eye coordination.
  • It can improve literacy through writing, listening, reading, and speaking.
    Looking or making art enables children to comprehend and process what they see.
  • Art improves focus and concentration.
    Naturally, arts and crafts always lead to an end product. When there is a series of steps to complete something, children often concentrate in order to achieve completion, especially if what they’re doing interests them.

Whether it’s dance, music, drawing, or painting, the arts can be advantageous to our young ones. It allows them to express themselves in a variety of ways. It can also be a great way to spend time at home or at school.

If you are looking for more helpful child-friendly activities or programs, feel free to contact our preschool in New York. Sharon Baptist Head Start is more than glad to assist you.

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