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Seasonal Allergies in Kids: Tips to Manage Them

Runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes — these are just some of the symptoms of seasonal allergies. These are common during the winter months and are not always the result of the flu or common cold. The symptoms can vary in type and severity in kids but usually do not appear before the age of two. As your trusted provider of social service in New York, we will share tips on managing seasonal allergies in kids:

  • Clean your home regularly.
    Regular housecleaning gets rid of many allergy triggers. This may entail vacuuming once or twice a week with a HEPA filter and cutting down clutter that can trap dust and hide allergies. In addition to joining a health program, wash sheets weekly in hot water and keep the bathroom free of mold.
  • Use a humidifier.
    Dry air can worsen allergy symptoms, especially during winter months, by irritating the nose and increasing inflammation. When your children are out from their day care centers in Bronx, New York, turn on the humidifier to filter dust and pollen from the air. Just make sure to keep it no higher than 50% humidity, as mold and dust mites thrive in higher humidity levels.
  • Consult your healthcare provider.
    Allergy medications work best when they are taken consistently, and they can take a while to produce the desired effect. Hence, it’s best to take allergy medications as prescribed by your healthcare provider. If they are not effective, talk to your doctor to be sure your child’s symptoms are not caused by something else besides the allergies going on.

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