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Taking Advantage of a Child’s Developing Brain


The brain is powerful, and when honed properly, can reach great heights. A child’s brain, in particular, is malleable, with a billion neurons excited to make connections. Brain formation and knowledge retention are exceptional in children and parents need to take advantage of that.

Teaching children can be challenging. However, given the right method, it can be very beneficial. The first thing parents need to do is enroll their child in a preschool in New York. This way, their child can develop their mental capability and social skills through engaging with other kids.

While we’re on the topic of education, a Head Start Pre-k can advance their intellectual development as well. The program involves various educational facets. Through the parents’ continued support, it can be leveraged to make sure that children learn more than the average kid. When their brains are stimulated early like this, they are more likely to retain the things they learned.

Sharon Baptist Head Start is an excellent provider of childcare in Bronx, New York. We dedicate our service to making sure every child receives optimum care and high-quality education. Children are the future, and it is up to us to make sure they are ready for it.

Your child is in the best hands with us. Learn more about our programs and enrollment schedule.

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