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Steps to Aid Proper Childhood Brain Development


Children ages 0 – 5 years old go through faster brain development than at any stage in their lives. This stage where they rapidly absorb information is also the stage that creates the lasting impact on how they learn a new skill and how well they can apply their experiences, so they can succeed in their education and in life. This delicate developmental stage is extremely important because early childhood experiences, good or bad, become the framework for brain development and character formation.

Help your children have proper brain development by supplementing them with these important activities at home and for school.

  1. Enough Hours Of SleepSleep is the best way for our bodies to recharge, repair, and produce cells that will help us with our daily functions. Children, who are still learning the ways of their bodies, need a long and uninterrupted sleeping habit for better brain development since it is only through a continuous sleep where there is an extended production of new brain cells, which is greatly needed in acquiring new skills and information. Their brains absorb information so fast that healthy brain cells are a requirement in storing new and current experiences as well as other cognitive functions. A developing brain also needs a healthy space in order to give precise instructions to the body and have muscle memory over motor and non-locomotor movements.
  2. Good NutritionTo support brain development, good nutrition also helps since it is as important as sleep which is needed by the brain and body, so it can have healthy resources to build new cells in a child’s growing body.Ideal “Brain Food” for children:
    • Eggs
    • Peanut Butter
    • Oatmeal
    • Yogurt
    • Milk
    • Sweet Potatoes
    • Lean Beef and Fish
    • Fruits and food rich in protein, iron, and anti-oxidants
  3. Choose Child-Friendly ProgramsWe fortify the healthy habits of families through our child day care centers by creating an environment that fully respects each child’s uniqueness. With our programs, we make sure that we build up all our students to be responsible and cognizant of the things happening around them and to their classmates and friends. This training helps them become more sensible individuals who are ready to spring into action to stop the negativity and instead, plant positivity wherever they may be rooted in society.

Have a good Head Start Pre-k in Bronx, New York by introducing your child to a school environment that is aware of their developing social and cognitive needs.

Instill good habits for healthy brain development in your preschooler with us at Sharon Baptist Head Start.

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