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Is Your Toddler Ready for Preschool? Know the Signs!

Is Your Toddler Ready for Preschool? Know the Signs!

In our preschool in New York, we have seen different kinds of children. We have witnessed how each child adjusts to their new environment at Sharon Baptist Head Start. Because of this, we know that each child goes through a unique experience to be ready for preschool.

But, at the end of the day, we also know that parents play an important role in discerning whether the child is already ready for preschool. When you enroll a school-ready child, their interest in learning can expand. So, is your child ready? How do you know?

Here are the signs that can help you determine if your toddler is ready to enter preschool.

  • Your Toddler is Potty-TrainedChildren begin potty-training at around 2-3 years. Some children don’t get potty-trained until they are four years old. When your child is already able to control their bladder, they can enjoy being in a center for childcare in Bronx, New York. However, this does not mean that toddlers who are not yet potty-trained are not ready. There are still other indicators that will help you decide if preschool is timely for them.
  • Your Toddler Is Showing IndependenceIndependence begins to show at around 2-3 years. You’ll see this happening when your toddlers begin to solve problems on their own. For instance, they know how to connect and separate building blocks without your help. When they manifest this sense of independence, you can say that they are ready for preschool.
  • Your Toddler Can Express What They WantYour toddler doesn’t need to speak in a full sentence. What’s important is for them to say that they are hungry, thirsty, or sleepy. When they can express themselves, they can already enjoy their time being in a childcare center.
  • Your Toddler Can FocusIt is normal for toddlers to have a short attention span. But, in the ideal setting, toddlers should be able to concentrate on something for at least 10 minutes. For instance, if they can listen to your storytelling for ten minutes straight, then they can also listen to preschool teachers. The teachers can give the lessons at the same amount of time.
  • Your Toddler Doesn’t Have Separation AnxietyIn the first week of their preschool, toddlers can cry for being away from you. Yet, they can cope with this in the days that follow. You will know that they are emotionally ready when you try to entrust them to another family member while you run some errand.

So, are your children ready to enter head start pre-k? Keep in mind that the above signs don’t have anything to do with your child’s intellect. Every child blooms in time. Let us nurture an environment at home where learning comes smoothly and freely. If you’re interested in learning about how our programs can benefit your child, visit our center!

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