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How Do You Incorporate Music into Your Child’s Day?

For many of us, music is a vital part of our daily lives. It helps us pass the time, boosts our productivity, and regulates our moods, but did you know it can also have a significant impact on your child’s development? Music can have a positive effect on your child’s working memory, boost their self-esteem, and enhance fine motor skills. With this in mind, here’s how you can incorporate music into your child’s day:

  • Read books with musical parts.
    Reading has several benefits and should be encouraged at your child’s preschool in Bronx, New York, and at home. Choose a book with opportunities for singing built in, or choose a repeated phrase that you can add a tune to. Books with rhythmic phrasing can be pleasing to your little one’s ears.
  • Turn on music and have a dance party.
    As an early education provider, we encourage you to listen and move to music together at home. This activity brings fun to the table while simultaneously helping children become good listeners. Dancing will also boost your child’s confidence, encourage socialization, and improve balance and coordination.
  • Seek out opportunities for live music.
    There may be live music events available in your community, such as performers at coffee shops, kids’ music concerts at museums, or free band or orchestra performances at middle or high schools. Aside from programs like Head Start pre-k in New York, library story times may also have sing-along activities that your child can participate in.

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