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Helpful Strategies for Parents of Picky Eaters

After the rapid growth of infancy, the growth rate and appetite of toddlers tend to slow down. At this stage, toddlers start to develop food preferences that can lead to picky eating. This can make it difficult for parents to make sure their toddlers are eating the right amount of foods with the healthy nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong. In line with our family program, here are helpful strategies for parents of picky eaters:

  • Serve family-style dishes.
    Sit down and share a meal together as a family as often as possible. Remove media distractions like phones and the television during mealtime. Serve one meal for the whale family to model healthy eating. Try to include at least one food your child likes to provide a balanced meal.
  • Prepare a variety of foods.
    Healthy eating supports cognitive development in New York, so provide a variety of healthy foods. Aside from vegetables and fruits, prepare higher protein foods like deboned fish and meat. Help your child explore new flavors and textures by adding different spices and herbs to make simple meals tastier.
  • Involve your kids in the process.
    Nurture your children’s interest in the food they are eating by involving them in the meal preparation process as much as possible. Let your child pick which fruits and vegetables to make for dinner, or take them on trips to the farmer’s market or grocery store. Point out various foods and talk about their benefits. This will also support their language development in New York.

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