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Bilingual Education: Its Benefits to Students


The brains of young children are flexible which can easily absorb new information taught and shared to them. One of which is learning two or more languages that give rise to bilingualism. With bilingual education, students are able to enhance their cognitive skills, as well learn to communicate with people of different cultural backgrounds without bias or discrimination. Aside from these, bilingual education:

  • Gives them an economic advantage in the global economy due to their proficiency in multiple languages allowing them to communicate with different clients.
  • Improves their memory and critical thinking skills which is helpful in preventing dementia and other brain degenerative diseases.
  • Enhances their emotional and social skills as they can be more empathetic about their environment and with people of different cultural backgrounds.

Sharon Baptist Head Start is a provider of childcare in Bronx, New York which aims to provide our young students with a culturally, socially, and emotionally responsive environment.

Our Head Start Pre-K utilizes a creative and comprehensive curriculum where we use various strategies and practices to guide a children’s behavior, as well cognitive, creative and social abilities. We instill in our dual-language learners the importance of respecting their dominant language while at the same time, develop English as their second language.
To know more of our preschool in New York, you may visit our website, or reach out to us anytime at 718-466-1604.

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