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What Kids Can Expect From Preschool


Children who are at preschool learn “pre-skills” that lay the groundwork for their future. At this age, children will learn through playing, singing, drawing, telling and listening to stories, and other basic activities that can draw their attention and interest. 

They are also introduced to skills that are important for school readiness that can help them understand the routines of school, how to be attentive students, and how to work in groups. These activities give them an absolute head start pre-k

Preschool classroom settings are organized into different areas where different subjects and types of play are made available. The subjects are then scheduled so that children can devote equal time to each. Although it may seem that preschool is all fun and games, it is still necessarily structured for children’s learning and development. It also paves the way for the exploration of more serious topics like math and science. 

In preschool, children are also being prepared for learning how to read. Reading activities may consist of reciting rhymes, recognizing letters and their sounds, sharing stories, and other activities. Writing is also taught in preschool through basic arts and crafts, making cards, and practicing letters and names. Math in preschool is also taught through basic counting, playing with shapes and patterns, and learning what a number is. 

Our preschool in New York also offers other activities that equip children with basic knowledge of other subjects such as science. Most importantly, we help children in their social-emotional learning as well. 

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