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10 Tips: How to Get Your Kids to Exercise


Your kids are naturally active. But did you know that you can use their natural rambunctiousness to engage them in physical exercise?

As one of the premier child day care centers in the state, we give you all our support in every endeavor to bring out your child’s best. Here are tips you can follow if you want to make an early start in your kid’s healthy lifestyle:

  • Get a pediatrician’s advice
    Asking for a pediatrician’s advice is a practical step to understanding your child’s physical needs. They can give professional advice on what activities are helpful for your kids or not.
  • Make it fun
    Children and having fun are like two sides of the coin. You will not have a hard time encouraging them to keep doing exercise if they’re enjoying it.
  • Be age-appropriate
    There are activities that five-year-olds can easily do that your two-year-old will have a hard time doing. If you want them to engage in an exercise regimen, choose activities that are appropriate for their age.
  • Plan for it
    While not all plans come to fruition, being ready with the place and time can help you achieve your health goals for your kid.
  • Ensure safety
    Wherever you’re bringing your kid to, make sure they’re in a safe environment. That way, they can go about freely without putting themselves in danger.
  • Set an example
    It will not be hard to encourage your child to be interested in exercise when they see their parents doing it themselves.
  • Play with your kid
    Playing games with your kid is a good way for both of you to be physically active. Spend some time with them every chance you get.
  • Limit screen time
    Kids today can be too engrossed in online and mobile games. Limit their screen time at home.
  • Set a schedule
    It helps if you follow a set schedule. When your kids are already in sync with these schedules, it will be easy for you to remind them of what they have to do.
  • Give them a break
    Too much is not good. Let your kid take rest when they feel exhausted.

At Sharon Baptist Head Start, we engage your active kids in various enhancement programs, especially in our head start pre-k in Bronx, New York. We help you in developing not just their physical potential, but also their mental, emotional, and social capacities. If you would like to know more about our age-appropriate activities, particularly our two generation program, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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