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5 Easy Tips to Get Your Kids More Exercise


Exercising keeps us fit, healthy, and happy. Isn’t that something we want for our kids as well? And we certainly don’t want them figuring out too late that living a healthy and active lifestyle is key to keeping those health challenges at bay. Absolutely not! We want to start our kids young when it comes to these kinds of habits so they may internalize and take them to heart.

So where do we begin? Of course, we start with ourselves by…

  1. Setting a good example.
    It’s normal for kids, especially the younger ones, to follow their parents. When they see you working out and sweating out, they’ll surely want to join you as well. The trick is to genuinely have fun engaging in your exercise routines as kids are pretty quick to pick up on things that are enjoyable.
  2. Letting your kids join in!
    Always make it a point to fit your kids into your schedule or fit yourself into their schedules. Quality family time is a must especially when you’re all trying to get fit and healthy together. And of course, it’s also important to keep watch over your kids during playtime, particularly when it’s outside the house like in the park or the field.
  3. Helping your kids get some exercise.
    There are a variety of exercises that you can try out with your kids. Try them all to figure out which one would be best for the family. Use your imagination to make things more fun and interesting. You can introduce toys and equipment such as scooters, bikes, roller blades, and more.
  4. Being a cheerleader.
    Children love it when you root for them! Even if one of them ends up losing to a cousin, sibling, or any other family member, it would create an atmosphere of love and good sportsmanship. This would also be a great way to build your child’s self-esteem.
  5. Limiting video games, gadget usage, and television.
    While these have their pros, you can’t deny that they have countless negative effects as well. These activities should only be for designated hours like after homework is done, a few hours during the weekends, or a few minutes before bed. Also, make sure to screen whatever your kids are watching or playing to make sure they’re appropriate.

Safe and fun physical activities would make for the perfect addition to your child’s everyday life. Sharon Baptist Head Start, a reputable provider of head start pre-k in Bronx, New York, makes it a point to incorporate age-appropriate activities in our exceptional programs. Find out more about our two-generation program and everything else our center can offer by dropping by or making a call today.

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