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Tips on Keeping Your Kids Safe at School

Tips on Keeping Your Kids Safe at School

Sending their kids for the first time to a preschool in New York can be both a source of anxiety and happiness for parents. It’s fearful to face the unknown and yet delightful to see kids growing up. If this is your case, then keeping your kids safe at school will remove your anxiety. Here are ways you can do that:

  • Make sure your kids know their contact information
    This includes their full name and address as well as the number you’re most easily reached at by childcare in Bronx, New York or any schools your kids are enrolled in.
  • Label their properties pro perly
    This means not putting your kids’ names where it can be visible to avoid strangers calling your children by name whether it be on their school bag or clothing.
  • Ask them how their day went
    Make it an afterschool routine to ask your children open-ended questions to always know their needs and concerns.
  • Roleplay
    Create situational roleplays to help your children practically navigate their daily life at school. For instance, you can roleplay what to do when there are emergencies or how to make friends and how to deal with them.
  • Be a presence
    Be active at school as a parent—join the PTA or volunteer for any activities. This shows how serious you are in your child’s academic success.

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