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Teaching Equality, Equity, and Justice at an Early Age

Although it’s totally fine and appropriate to teach preschoolers equality, our institution for childcare in Bronx, New York is taking on a more equitable approach.

Equality is about providing every child the same thing while equity is giving them what they need. In an educational setting, equality is giving children equal opportunities to experience quality education and equity is about possessing the right tools.

For instance, you each give three preschoolers who vary in height platforms to reach the board. The tallest among them and the child with an average height might be able to reach just fine, but the shortest one will still have a hard time reaching the board.

The example above simply shows that equality can still be unfair in certain situations. However, does this mean that equity is the right choice? No, because taking on an equitable approach doesn’t mean we should diminish equality. Furthermore, justice also has a role to play because equality and equity won’t work if the system is broken. With justice, our children will have access to both tools and opportunities.

Teaching children equality, equity, and justice at a young age gives them the ability to recognize injustices that makes them less susceptible to further victimization. It also teaches them resilience and problem-solving skills. However, guided learning is necessary because repeated exposure to these injustices leads to trauma, resentment, and anger, especially for preschoolers receiving special child care services.

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