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Provide Safety at Home and in School


With all the reports and articles we see on the news and on social media, we cannot help but think how the world has changed and how it can be a scary time for our children to grow up in. As parents, we would always want to do everything we possibly can to keep them safe and away from any potential dangers. But sometimes, we can only do so much when they are not within our sight and our care, like when they are in school or at home without us. Disaster can strike at any time, and the best thing we can do is to take steps in preventing these instances from happening.

Have CCTV Coverage

There are several home security systems that can be easily installed at home that will monitor any inside and outside movement. These Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras may not directly ward off an intruder, but recording their no-good-deed will definitely help prove your case in court as it also gives you the peace of mind knowing you can get the identity of the perpetrator through your CCTV video. These devices can help schools monitor any bad behavior, so they can stop any form of bullying from further progressing. CCTVs also help schools remotely contact local authorities should any unwanted circumstance arise within their premises.

Child-Safety Orientation

Aside from memorizing contact numbers to call in case of emergencies, families also need to have an escape plan that allows them to keep themselves safe in case of an attack or a home invasion. Schools can also hold safety drills that will orient students on what to do in cases of natural disasters or triggered individuals with ill intentions. These safety orientation methods can help save the lives of children and their school’s staff.

Proper Pick-Up System

Choose a daycare center that extends safety programs all the way to a proper pick-up system that only allows registered parents, guardians, and adults to pick up a child from their school. Our child day care centers are fully aware of potential dangers, like child abduction in pick-up zones, that is why we take appropriate measures in keeping our students safe and continue to care for them as they go home because they are our extended families.

We advocate in creating a safe learning environment that gives our children a good Head Start Pre-k in Bronx, New York. Through our programs, we promote an enjoyable school system that makes each of our learners become the best and most responsible version of themselves.

Ensure the safety of your preschooler after a fun day of learning at Sharon Baptist Head Start.

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