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Positive Preschooler Management Tips: Educator’s Guide

Developmental milestones are what children can do at a certain age period. During preschool, children 3 to 5 years old are willing to experience new things to satisfy their curiosity which is why the presence of the people around them, mostly educators, is necessary for their development. Interactions with other people shape their personalities.

As educators, here’s what you can do to match their developmental needs:

  • Encourage sharing and friendship.
    Allow them to play with other children so they can build positive relationships with others and eventually be advocates of social service.
  • Discipline them clearly and consistently.
    As adults, model the behavior you expect from them and when you tell them “no”, explain why.
  • Teach them good language skills.
    Communicate with them in complete sentences and talk to them like a grown-up. Language is one of the earliest forms of early education so make sure you communicate with them effectively.
  • Help them solve their problems.
    Provide them with a step-by-step guide on how to deal with challenges in their lives, especially when they’re upset.
  • Provide them with options.
    Give them limited and simple choices to encourage decision-making. It will also give them the freedom to choose what they like.

These practices will support your children’s developmental needs and if you want this kind of environment for them, enroll your child at Sharon Baptist Head Start, your Preschool in Bronx, New York.

Give your children the opportunity to enjoy quality education for early childhood in New York to effectively prepare them for the coming years. Accomplish this goal with assistance from us!

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