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Minimizing Bullying in Preschool

Bullying can be very devastating in preschool because aside from striving for quality education, children spend these years making friends and forming a circle that validates their interests. Victims need lots of love and support to compensate for the traumatic experience caused by bullying.

As providers of childcare in Bronx, New York, however, we don’t want your children to practice resilience all the time. We always address issues like this immediately.

Allow us, Sharon Baptist Head Start, one of your day care centers in New York, to help you assist your child in situations like this!- Listen to them. As your child shares the experience, listen attentively. Afterward, summarize the problem to make sure you have the right information. Then, tell your child that it’s okay to feel upset.

  • Agree that there’s a problem. It’s vital that they know you understand them so they won’t feel bad for telling you. Make it clear that you will do something about it, but refrain from saying negative comments so that they won’t feel that the situation is their fault.
  • Address the problem. Go to their school and discuss the situation with their teacher and the school itself. Be assertive and end the meeting with a plan.
  • If the problem doesn’t stop, escalate the situation by making a formal complaint following the procedure for handling preschool grievances.
  • Support your child at home so they won’t feel alone in situations like this, especially those under the special child care services.

Aside from providing your children with a quality educational program in New York, we also ascertain that they are safe from the toxicities of the world. All we need is your trust. Enroll your child with us today!

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